Recent Durham Health Data

This page provides the most recent reports on the health of Durham County residents; earlier editions can be found in the Durham Health Data Archives.  The Partnership for a Healthy Durham is responsible for publishing the annual State Of The County Health report and the Community Health Assessment, which occurs every three years.  Please note that newer data may have become available since the release of our reports.  To find the most current data on a specific topic, please visit the Health Data Resources page, which compiles the best sources for finding health data in North Carolina.

2013 State of the County Health Report

The State of Durham County's Health Report is a summary of health trends among county residents. It provides the most current data highlighting county demographics, leading causes of death, and our eight health priorities. For a paper copy, please email Erika Samoff at esamoff AT dconc DOT gov. This report is created annually, except during the publication of the community health assessment. In 2014 we are working on the triennial community health assessment. The next State of the County Health Report will be released in December 2015. 

2013 Community Health Assessment Survey Results

As part of the 2013 community health assessment, volunteers from many organizations in Durham County participated in a survey of Durham County residents. Data from a random sample of Durham County households and information on survey methods are available here:  Durham County Community Health Survey Results

To capture information about the Latino community in Durham County, a random sample of households in census blocks that were >50% Hispanic/Latino was also performed. These findings are representative only of these census blocks, which include 30% of Durham's Latino population. This population has lower median income than the Latino community of Durham as a whole, and these findings should not be applied to the full Durham County Latino population. These results are available here: Durham County high-proportion Latino neighborhood health survey results

2013 YRBS Results   

The results of the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) of middle and high school students in Durham Public Schools are have been analyzed. A report (with both middle and high school data) and a data report containing all results are available.

2013 YRBS Report       2013 YRBS Middle School data tables    2013 YRBS High School data tables     

The YRBS is a CDC survey designed to monitor priority risk behaviors related to -

* Tobacco use
* Unhealthy diet
* Inadequate physical activity
* Alcohol and other drug use
* Unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases
* Unintentional injuries and violence

Results from prior years are also available

2011 YRBS High School Brief       2011 YRBS Middle School Brief         2011 YRBS full report

2009 YRBS High School Brief       2009 YRBS Middle School Brief         2009 YRBS Full Report

2007 YRBS Full Report

Key health indicators, Durham County, 1997-2013 (from State Center for Health Statistics)

Durham Community Health Assessment (CHA), 2011

The goal of Durham’s 2011 Community Health Assessment was to provide, in one location, a compilation of valid and reliable information about the health of the Durham community. We have strived to do this in ways that will make it easy for members of the Durham community to access and understand the information. There are 12 chapters with 53 sections on various community health topics.  

If you are having trouble accessing the full CHA, it can also be accessed here

We encourage anyone to use information for the community health assessment.  If you do, please use this citation: Partnership for a Healthy Durham. 2011 Durham County Community Health Assessment. Durham, NC: Durham County Department of Public Health; 2012. Accessed [month, day] 2012.

Each Durham Community Health Assessment results in the selection of new health priorities. We invite community participation as we form action groups to addresses these priorities.  Three-year Community Health Action Plans were submitted to the State on June 1, 2012.  They are posted on each committee's webpage:

* Obesity and chronic illness
* Access to medical and dental care
* Mental health and substance abuse
* HIV and sexually transmitted infections
* Poverty
* Education

Prior to the release of the health assessment, update presentations were given on the community survey and listening sessions.  These presentations can be found in the Durham Health Data Archives.

Substance Use and Abuse in Durham County

These reports are produced by the Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University, with sponsorship in 2013 by Durham Together for Resilient Youth.

2013 report

2010 report

2006 report

Young Children's Health (ages 0 - 5)

Durham's Partnership for Children has released Healthy & Ready: Assessing Children's Health Status Upon Public School Entry, which summarizes data from the Kindergarten Health Assessment forms.  In 2009, they released Getting Ready: Indicators of Health in Durham County. A Report Card on Young Children’s Health and Getting Ready: Indicators of School Readiness in Durham County.